Thursday, July 30, 2009

Work is...

Brain a spining
Mind a ticking
Heart a racing
Muscles a straining
Fat a burning
Fingers a typing
Eyes a blinding
Neck a craning
Nose a breathing
Lungs a heaving
Stress a-ccumulating
Problems a plaguing
BP e-scalating
Coffee a downing
Phones a ringing
Bosses a demanding
Projects a-bounding
Gossip a flowing
Work a neverending

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dragon Fruit + Banana = Constipation Solution

Yes... u heard it... i been having constipation for the past 1 week .. not able to go to toilet as efficient as i used to.... used to be able to go eveliday without issues... but suddenly nature seems to go paused on my system and i think the worst traffic jam in history occured.. lol :p
anyway.... had myself a dragon fruit and banana after my lunch.. and wah la... BOOM BOOM & BOOM .... there goes Nagasaki .... BOOM BOOM.. say bye bye to Hiroshima... hahaha... RELIEF !!!
and on a side note... me and lovely being spending a bomb on lil chu chai hehehe....
oooo... i got another feeling..... cyaz

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hard to give a name

Its the time again, when finally i think i want to write something in the blog after a long long absense of mind to blog.... also kena lambasted by pig sister for not blogging .. hahaha. . ok lor... i blog this post for her lor... anyway me and lovely is having some troubles figuring out a name.... its hard to give a name ... it has to be :
1) A name that has Meaning
2) A name that Rhymes
3) A name that can fulfill the constraints when pronounce in different languages (give the wrong name and the possibilty of being a laughing stock is veli high)
4) A name that is uncommon?
5) A name that sounds peaceful/calm when called
Quote from Shakespear: Whats in a name? That which we call a Rose by any other name would smell as sweet.
But a name is more than a name.... its an identity.. it has meaning... its has life to it... it itself belongs... tats more than enough...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Car's 3rd year birthday

Our (me & lovely) trusty kenari is turning 3 years old this year... its been a long journey with it... and the car decided that we should get some new stuff for it... i spend over 800++ for his birthday present this month already... went to service the car this earlier this month and the mechanic told me 1) suspension koyak, 2) the 2 behind tyres traction already finish 3) disc brakes no longer smooth 4) disc pad no more pad.... this was the charge =
New Suspension = RM190
2 New Tyres = RM310
2 New Disc Brake = RM160
New Disc pad (2pcs) = RM60
Total = 720
Now now... you ask me its only 720.. not yet 800++ mar ??.... 2 weeks after the service.. the car failed to start properly and needed manual intervention to "touch touch" the power connector to the battery to start it.... which means... another RM 150 for a new dry battery !!! lollll.... in total already fork out RM 870 for his birthday present this month... sigh... nvm .. at least we got the consolation that the battery out last the standard 2 years life .... 3 years !!.. yayyyyy !! ....
Side note: its been a long time since i updated this blog... been bz and also lazy to write my thoughts down.. hehehe...

Thursday, November 20, 2008


We have underestimated...
1. The number of guests whom will be coming from outstation
2. The total number of tables for the wedding dinner banquet
3. The wedding budget... the miscellaneos costs is floating the budget alot... Thank God we managed to find cheaper accomodation for our guests & able to adjust accordingly...
4. The Wedding Day Schedule itself.... its going to be a full blown whole day event starting from 6am to 11pm... which by then i suspect we only able to rest at 12am...
We have overestimated...
1. The number of available "Zhee Mui" (Sisters) for the "Fetch the Bride" event... all of Siew's close friends are either working or unavailable to help
2. The number of attendees for the Wedding Ceremony
3. Those whom we thought are coming are not coming, while those whom were not free to come are coming
Countdown: 8 Days
Its soooooo closseee.......

Friday, November 14, 2008


The cavalry is arriving in another hour plus... lol ... hopefully we able to go through alot of details... but im looking at another tight pack weekend... uggh..

Thursday, November 13, 2008

alot & too little

alot of constraints...
alot of complications ..
alot of arrangements...
alot of restrictions..
alot of details...
alot of small things which dont seem much but its veli complicated...
too little time
too little ideas
too little resolution
too little resources
too little clues